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GeneticHealth unravels the FAT gene and other genes implicated in obesity for a company director participating in the Dispatches program on Channel 4

Chanel 4 Dispatches

The films producers “Silver River” wanted a company that could study the obesity genes for one of their contributors to the Channel 4 programme.

We were delighted to assist them by providing the gene testing service as well as the medical consultation that will appear on the programme.

Medical consultations are a key and essential part of genetic screening, as is the careful explanation that the individual’s future will most likely be determined by how he or she lives their lives. Knowing what genes they have inherited is only part of the story. In the program we report on 9 genes (including the new FTO gene (often called the fat gene) and TCF7 which is a marker for Diabetes type 2. ).

GeneticHealth are the first UK company to do these specific gene tests and will be introducing their new nutrition programme at the end of January 2008 (Read about our Nutrition Gene test here).



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