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the killer in me documentary

GeneticHealth has proudly partnered with ITV for a one off documentary on genetic screening to transmit Thursday 8 November at 9pm on ITV1.

The programme, called Killer in Me (Visit the ITV web site), follows four celebrities as they take the pioneering genetic test to discover what their biological futures could hold.

GMTV presenter, Fiona Phillips, former England footballer John Barnes, Heart FM disc jockey Toby Anstis and former newspaper editor and political presenter, Andrew Neil all undertook the one stop DNA test to find out which common killers could be hidden within their genes.

taking part in the killer in me

GeneticHealth science and clinical team met with and counselled all the celebrities both before and after they took the tests. The tests were the New Premium screens that can identify 50 genes that are linked with the onset of age related diseases.

Our genes and our lifestyle are both crucial when it comes to disease but up until recently the genes were shrouded in mystery. The test now enables the individual to discover their genetic risk of disease and to do something about it.

The one hour programme as it unfolds becomes a personal and moving voyage for each of the celebrities.

From taking the test they learn that their inherited genes have a real effect on their futures, but most critically, realise that they can make very specific, tailored changes to their lifestyles which as a result can impact on their future health.

It was a pleasure to work with all of the celebrities, as it was the ITV Factual Production team, especially the Producer/Director Matt Calais and Executive Producer, Tim Miller. Both handled the science seriously and responsibly, delivering the key messages effectively to make what is a very interesting programme.

By knowing more about our genes we all now have an opportunity to see ourselves as unique biological individuals. Armed with this genetic information and backed up by the growing clinical and scientific evidence of what it may mean, we have an opportunity to change our lifestyles and our environment to optimise our health.

The science may be in its infancy, but the medical evidence is growing so rapidly that we would be wise to use what ever we can from it.



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