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  Benefits evaluation of the risk profile of the most common cardiovascular diseases.

  What is a Polymorphism?

n. The occurrence of different forms, stages, or types in individual organisms or in organisms of the same species, independent of sexual variations.

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Premium Male Price £825

There is the most comprehensive test for males and females. This test is called the Premium and it examines the largest amount of gene polymorphisms (over 45).

These are our most comprehensive test and includes all the other tests in our range.   This test also includes a full post test consultation with one of our doctors; either face to face or by telephone (you choose).

Evaluates the risk of prostate cancer as well as the risk for thrombosis, osteoporosis, metabolic imbalances of detoxification and chronic inflammation. It also evaluates the risk profile of the most common cardiovascular diseases (arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, stroke and the risk regarding obesity and imbalances in lipid metabolism).

This test look at selected polymorphisms which lead to structural changes in proteins that:

  • Regulate the metabolism of male sex hormones
  • Influence bone metabolism
  • Are influential in maintaining the shape and structure of your blood vessels
  • Have an effect on your blood's clotting mechanisms
  • Regulate the composition of circulating lipids
  • Limit the degree of inflammatory processes
  • Accelerate or slow down the body’s ability to breakdown and eliminate toxins
  • Influence food absorption and energy production
  • Influence the regulation and growth of the heart muscle cells
  • Regulate elasticity of blood vessels


Premium Male product information
Price £825


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