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Genetic Testing Services

At GeneticHealth, we provide a genetic testing and full interpretation service directly to you. All tests include a medical consultation with a specialist.

You can choose to have your results delivered to you directly and then talk them through with one of our specialist doctors. Or you can come to our clinic in Harley Street and meet with our specialists for a consultation.

Outline description
The genetic testing studies at a number of genes and more specifically examines variations called polymorphisms. These variations exist in all of us. As well as determining our unique features such as eye and hair colour, they also determine how our body functions internally. A gene profile for example can predict your predisposition to heart disease, determine whether you have a sensitivity to putting on weight or susceptibility to different cancers.

You only have to ever take one genetic test, as the results will not change over your lifetime. By knowing your profile you can take control of your life and your health.

The DNA test is simple. You can order the genetic test kit online or by telephone. Before you order you will be able to talk with one of our advisors who will talk you through what these tests can and cannot deliver for you.

In the kit are three swabs (large cotton buds) for you to rub on the inside of the cheeks of your mouth. You follow the simple instructions and send the swabs to us together with the completed medical questionnaire. (You can also fill this in online).

Each DNA test kit contains:

  • An order form
  • Medical history forms
  • An easy-to-follow instruction sheet
  • A set of buccal swabs
  • A return-to-sender-envelope
  • A consent form

All forms and swabs are bar-coded to insure confidentiality and privacy.

We then extract and amplify the DNA, analyse for any polymorphisms and within 4 to 5 weeks produce a detailed report for you. We can email this report directly to you, but would recommend that one of our doctors go through it with you.

You have the choice of speaking to one of our doctors on the telephone or to come into our clinic or one near to where you live.

DNA Sample Set
To place your order for a DNA sample set,
call 0844 409 6450.

Or complete the enquiry formarrow

Full consultation with one of our Specialist
All our tests include a consultation with one of our trained medical doctors. He/She will guide you through your report and advise you the steps to take to live a happier healthier life. The only test that does not include a consultation with a doctor is the Pharmaco test. We do however make one available to you at a small extra cost.

We accept payment via Visa, MasterCard and Switch.

  One test for ever

You only have to ever take one genetic test, as the results will not change over your lifetime.

  By knowing your profile

You can take control of your life and your health.

  Types of tests
  • Genetic testing
  • Blood testing
  • Allergy testing

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